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Services We Provide
At Amtech, we pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to provide them with superior quality and service. As a machine designer and builder, we believe there is a significant benefit to include Amtech at the early stages of a project to help ensure that your product is designed for ease of assembly or testing, and to use these processes to help reduce your costs. We believe collaboration at the early stages of a project is mutually beneficial to you and your company.

Design Services:

Amtech offers complete design & build services from concept design to product run off. We can work with your in-house design team as an added resource. Our team can assist with the design of component parts and sub-assemblies, and provide assistance with System Integration of these designs and components. Amtech uses Alibre Design for our CAD system which is a parametric 3D solid modeler. We can import files from our customers in STEP, IGES, SAT, RHINO, Autocad DWG and DXF formats. All of our designs and assemblies are produced as a solid model and can be exported in STEP AP203, AP214, SAT, and STL for the customer. We can provide our customers with fully detailed drawings with a complete bill of material listing the components for the project. These drawings can be exported in Autocad 2000 and 2004 DWG and DXF format.


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Automation & Assembly:

From concept to final run off, we can provide you with a system that is ergonomically efficient for the operator while reducing your operating costs.  

  • Dedicated Operator Assembly and Test Stations
  • Walking Beam Transfer Systems
  • Bench Top Assembly Systems
  • Pick and Place Machines
  • Rotary Dial Systems


If you are looking for a turn key system we can design & build a manual, semi automatic, or fully automated PLC controlled system for you.  Amtech also offers machine and fixture rebuilding, mechanical and pneumatic upgrades and equipment maintenance.

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Functional Product Testers:

Amtech designs and builds reliable Final Function, Life Cycle, and Audit Testers that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Each fixture is unique to your product and designed for safe operation and to improve operator efficiency. Multiple pogo pin configurations with separate elevations are common in most of the testers that we design and build. If you have special requirements, we invite your inquiries.


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Hipot Test Fixtures:

Safety and efficiency are designed into every Hipot Test Fixture that Amtech builds. Each Hipot Fixture protects the operator with either a light curtain or polycarbonate enclosure depending on your requirements. Whether the enclosure is hinged, or has an access panel for loading and unloading your product to be tested, we can provide the proper sensors and lockout switches to safeguard the operator. Fixtures with multiple pogo pin configurations with separate elevations are common in most of the test equipment that we design and build. If you have a special requirement, or a unique product that requires qualification, we invite your inquires.


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C.N.C. Machining:
At Amtech we specialize in one of a kind machining to unlimited quantity production runs. We also offer secondary operations like painting, plating, anodizing and silk screening on your parts.
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System Integration:

Amtech can provide consultation and project management on your projects. We can assist in specifying and providing you with the required equipment, components, pneumatics and electromechanical hardware to complete your project on time.


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Wire E.D.M.:
Punches, die sections, tools. Please allow us give you a quote on your Wire E.D.M. work. We can cut up to 6" thick x 10" x 12"
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